Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fashion Icon Chanel 2.55

         The inspiration behind Coco Chanel's original design goes deeper than most of us realise. Female First look at the story behind one of our favourite about Chanel 2.55 every women dream about this hand bag.

         The 2.55 bag was first introduced in February 1955- hence the name 2.55. Coco Chanel designed the bag for her own use so some of the features tell us a little bit about her lifestyle as the original fashionista.
         When it was first brought out the Chanel 2.55 caused a stir amoungst the upmarket fashion lovers because it was one of the first to have a strap. Coco recognised that women on the go needed to have their hands free to hold glasses of champagne, eat canapes, read theatre programmes etc so the chain strap was added to make the bag easy to carry on the shoulder.
       Coco chose to close all her shops during the Second World War and took up residence in the Hotel Ritz in Paris throughout the fighting. It's rumoured that it was her relationship with Von Dicklage that allowed her to remain there.
         When the war was over Coco and the Chanel brand struggled to make a come back in the fashion industry- mostly due to her romance with the Nazi but she continued to live in the Ritz for 30 years until she died in her private suite on January 10, 1971, at 87 years old.
          Since Coco's original design there have been many variations of the original design 2.55, including different colour leather/fabric, changes to the chain - metal vs. interwoven leather- and the fasten - mademoiselle vs. interlocking CC.
           In 2005 Karl Lagerfeld revived the 2.55 design exactly as Coco had made it for it's 50th anniversary and the new Reissue was even more popular than the original release.

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