Sunday, March 18, 2012

Anne Vitale Exhibition 'Féminine'

Photographer Anne Vitale

            On 15 March I was at Anne Vitale Exhibition ' Feminine'. Anne Vitale is a Georgian talented photographer. Why 'Vitale ' ? Because her inspiration is American Photojurnalist Ami Vitale but I think it's  not real reason Because mean of  "Vitale" is more interesting, it means "Full Of Life". Her real surname is Sulaberidze. Anne Vitale has been shooting for six years and she decided to made her personal Exhibition. For her it was first Exhibition I think she could showed us her talent. She collected 20 beautiful woman and made photo shoot most of photos were in black and white. I love black and white style.
           Exhibition was at Lounge bar & Restaurant "Re Life" Erekle II st. 19, 0105 Georgia, Tbilisi.
           At Exhibition were a lot of guests. I give you Exclusive chance if you can't came at Exhibition you can see photos from my post enjoy.


Model Natuka Gagunashvili

 Anne Vitale with MakeUp Artist Nina Ramona and Actor Lasha Jukharashvili 

 Georgian Blogger Giorgi Sarishvili-Wazowski

 Talented Painter Lali Daniluk and Graphic Designer Giga Kobidze with Anne Vitale

Georgian Photographer Levan Chkonia

 Me and Georgian Photographer Guram Muradov

 David Katsarava

 Georgian model Marita Janashia with Anne Vitale

 Georgian singer Nini Badurashvili front of her photo with Anne Vitale

 Me, Georgian Tv prezenter and actor Mirian Miki Jejelava and Photographer Guram Muradov

Online Magazin Pavi-Tch MAGAZINE editor Nanka Pavich

 Anne Vitale with Guests

 Model Marita Janashia and Photographer Lasha Ghughunishvili

 Model Alecsanda Paichadze

 Photographer Shotiko Bochorishvili

Model Tako Chxeidze

Georgian Fashion Designer Tamuna Ingorokva

Live Music At Exhibition

After Party For Guests By Dj Rembo

My Look At Exhibition

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