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Harper's Bazaar America's First Fashion Magazine

           If you are fashionists and you speak of fashion you'll definitely come cross of the most ironic fashion magazine in history: Harpers's Bazaar.
           Harper's Bazar is America's first fashion magazine. Magazine was founded by the New York City Publisher Harpers & Brathers. Harper's Bazaar First issue debuted in 1867.
           First editor was Mary Louise Booth (1867–1889)

The first issue of Harper's Bazaar, devoted to fashion and literature.

First time it was a weekly magazine but in 1901 Bazar changed into monthly issued.

Harper's bazaar front and back covers in 1894.

In 1899 year: The lilac-themed spring fashion issue.

In 1899 year: A velvet-and-lace evening look from Paris.

In 1906:  "Smart Shopping" page depicted the new lingerie set.


1950s: Andy Warhol's illustrations for Bazaar.

In 1958 year: A vibrant violet dress, as styled by Diana Vreeland.

In 1951 year Diana Vreeland styled this composition and put her own hands in the shot.

Audrey hepburn for Harpe's Bazaar.
April 1956

In 2007 year Harper's Bazaar was celebrating its 140th anniversary.

              Last year in 2011 Harper's Bazaar's december issue celebrated "Woman Of The Year". for it Bazaar made amazing cover photo shoot because, the best models were as As Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen and Yasmin le Bon came together to form the cover of Harper’s Bazaar and star in a unique film with rock band Duran Duran. Video named Girl Panic, takes its title from Duran Duran’s next single. Video is amazing with a lot of Swarovski ELEMENTS.

Cindy Crawford wears wool cashmere waistcoat and trousers - £4,300 By Edward Sexton.
Scarf - stylist’s own.
Sterling silver bracelet - £1,570 By Chrome Hearts.
Sterling silver ring - £305 - By The Great Frog.

Naomi Campbell wears velvet suit with satin braid - £4,800 By Edward Sexton. 
Cotton shirt - £480 By Angelo Galasso. 
Right arm: sterling silver bracelet - £1,570 By Chrome Hearts. 
Crystal ring - £85, Crystal Evolution at Swarovski Crystallized.
Left hand: gold-coated bronze ring - £330 By Imogen Belfield.

Eva Herzigova wears wool suit with grosgrain braid - £4,600 By Edward Sexton.
Sequin silk shirt - £780 By Angelo Galasso.
Crystal epaulette - £498 By Butler & Wilson. 
Palladium plated ring - £200 Atelier Swarovski by Michael Kaplan. 

Helena Christensen wears silk jacket - £2,745 and silk trousers - £1,230  both Ralph Lauren Collection.
Rings, her own. 
Palladium plated cuff - £400  Atelier Swarovski by Michael Kaplan.

Yasmin le Bon wears wool suit - £4,300 By Edward Sexton. 
Scarf, stylist’s own. 
Right hand, from left: crystal bracelet - £170 Swarovski Crystallized by Philippe Audibert.
Crystal bracelet - £160 Swarovski Crystallized by Rodrigo Otazu. 
Crystal ring, from a selection, Atelier Swarovski by Prabal Gurung. 
Left hand: crystal ring - £130 By Swarovski.

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