Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Me As Fashion Blogger For Glossy Magazine BEAUMONDE Georgia, Tbilisi

Beaumonde is glossy Magazine in my country Georgia, Tbilisi. I think it's the best. I want to tell reasons why I say that it's The Best:
  • Magazine has great editor Tea Agladze I can talk about her endlessly, because she is very educated, she is amazing person, very friendly. When I first read her edition from first minute I understood that I can study from her a lot. I love her very much.
  •  Magazine has talented Fahion photographer Sashà Prishvin. His shoots always hight qulity and amazing photos. He is also fashion editor in this magazine. Magazine also has another photographer Guram Muradov. He shoot special fashion projects.
  • Editorials which you can find in magazine always interesting, because at this magazine work very talented people. They write about famous people, fashion, art, about events in our country, and not only. 
Why I told you all this because, from may issue I work for this amazing Glossy Magazine as Fashion Blogger. I am proud about it, because I have chance to work for this magazine. When I received the offer, for me it was the best day in my life. I talk to you from pages about Trends, Must Have Details, I Provide advice how to make your own style.

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