Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Behind The Scenes Of The Kazbegi Beer Commercial. KAZBEGI, GORI, TBILISI TRIP

Beautiful days with close people of mine. Reason: To shoot new product of Kazbegi beer 'Vecel' which will lunch very very soon, but before lunch need good commecial video, for good video need best director. And of course the best director is Giga Agladze. You understood who directed new commercial video, but I want to tell you step by step about video and of course about  three location. 

Kazbegi do you know something about this beautiful amazing place? Do you know snow in summer? You haven't seen yet before, but after you cannot say, because today I show from my post. Round mountains summer, but on the slopes snow. You must to see it, without you never feel this nature. We got there early in the morning and started to first shots. There was very cold approximately 12 C. But didn't matter for crew. Because our shoot was very very interesting because round us was vintage smell 1880 years in 2012 yes it's true. Director Giga Agladze shoot video about real story, how first time was founded beer factory in Georgia, Tbilisi "commercial video tell us how German man Iakob Vecel came our country to saw beautiful place, once happened accident and how Mokheve (means person who lives in this place) man rescued. Mokheve man invited Iakob to the picnic. There Iakob tasted mountain beer. He liked and decided to founded First beer Factory.
" Kazbegi shoot trip was during two days. Two beautiful days for work and for feel amazing nature. 

Me During shoot

Second Location Gori Trip

Gori is a city in eastern georgia. And our second location was here and it was historical place. Because we shoot near Josep Stalin museum, But in historical person's personal train

Last Shoot Day TBILISI Day + Night
Tbilisi shoot had Three location 

First location It was at Ilia Chavchavadze Memorial House

Second location was first wine factory in Georgia. Here you can find amazing Napoleon Bonaparte's personal vine collection.

Last location Tbilisi Midnight at railway station

Director, Screenwriter George Agladze

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