Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tartan + Burgundy For Autumn Sunny Day

Few weeks ago post about very talanted designer DIANA KVARIANI... and after on my facebook  page uploaded picture about her gift for me it was surprise and I promised that I will show you it from my post... It was dress which I wore today during very busy day.
Today I was at university and at work at BEAUMONDE magazine. Today was beautiful sunny day and I decided to go to 'Botanical garden' and make my outfit shoot. One of my favourite dress from my wardrobe I mixed with burgundy clutch, black boot and burgundy socks for final details chose Prada sunglasses and Ring... Make up by very talented Make-Up artist and fashionist girl Sali Gogiberidze I will Introduce her from my next post...

Some advice from me if you want to be fashionist: 
Must have color for season Burgundy
You must try burgundy lips because it's season trend
Tartan is S/S 2013 must have trend

Location 4a Takaishvili Street, Georgia, Tbilisi

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