Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oleg Timchenko For AVTANDIL

Last week Georgian designer Avtandil Tskvitinidze at his Fashion House AVTANDIL collected friends and Colleagues At Oleg Timchenko's exhibition and also designer made presentation about his collaboration with painter. 'O. Timchenko For AVTANDIL' means that painter paints textiles specially for AVTANDIL. 

"I really wanted to have my textile and it would have been named by a famous painter , me and my family love Oleg Timchencko's so much, before this collobouration we often bought his works".

At this exhibition Oleg Timchenko presented 10 angels paintings specially for AVTANDIL. In future this paintings will be use for textiles. Designer in January at Paris during Haute couture will present Collection with textile which will be painted by O.Timchenko. Also designer told that this collaboration will be continue not only with O.Timchenko, In future we will see other collaboration with famous people from different profession.

My loot at exhibition... I was wearing Drees by DIANA KVARIANI... which I wore with biker jacket and boots... 

Producer Kakha Mamulashvili and his wife singer Lela Tsurtsumia

Buyer Lenka Tsitsishvili with AVTANDIL's manager Zura Mgaloblishvili

From left: Model Nanuka Gogichaishvili, Owner of IC MODEL MANAGMENT Ia Kitsmarishvili, Models Lika Orjonikidze and Marita Janashia

Owner of IC MODEL MANAGMENT Ia kitsmarishvili and Photographer, owner Atelier KIKALA Mamuka  Kikalishvili

Designer Tamuna Ingorokva and AVTANDIL's manager Zura Mgaloblishvili

Designer Lako Bukia

Producer Basa Potskhishvili

MerciChic blog exclusively present exhibition "OLEG TIMCHENKO FOR AVTANDIL" 

Location: 29 Leselidze, Tbilisi, Georgia

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