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Balenciaga Museum !!!

           Today I decided to make post about famous designer Christobal Balenciaga' Museum. I don't write here when designer was born or something like this because I think all fashionist know. I think today I will tell you my sweet readers  more because may be you don't know that in Spain You can visit Balenciaga Museum. There you can see most expensive 1200 amazing pieces from Balenciaga's collection and not only.

           In 1987  Cristobal Balenciaga, the master of haute couture, was organised in San Sebastian to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of the Balenciaga Fashion House in Paris. (First couture house opened on Avenue George V in August 1937). In 1994 the Development Association of the Fundación Cristobal Balenciaga was set up. A group of enthusiasts, led by the Mayor of Getaria, set down the blueprint for the establishment of Fundación Cristobal Balenciaga Fundazioa on the 9th of October 1999. Its purpose was to raise the profile of this artistic genius and promote his work. In 2002 work on the Museum’s expansion project commences. On April 14th, 2005, the Berroeta Aldamar is set up to provide the finance for the construction and interior work on the Cristobal Balenciaga Museum. 

            I collected photos from museum and show you.

Made by Robert Goossens, who worked for Balenciaga from 1955 until the closure of the house in 1968. 

Brooch: Silver plate and silver-plated Bohemian crystals.

This is the oldest known model to date made by Balenciaga. ( HandMade )

This coat, made in San Sebastian, Balenciaga evoked the lines that define the Japanese kimono, one of the most influential garments in European fashion of the twenties.

Wedding Dress.

Evening Coat.

Evening Dress.

Wedding Dress.

Tailored suit in flecked grey wool and smooth black silk velvet (HandMade).

Short Jacket.

This dress made for the 1947 winter collection. Inspiration was the style from 40s.

Day hat in black silk velvet with feather aigrette.

Evening Dress in black satin.

Jacket in pink wild silk taffeta. This is the semi-fitted suit introduced by the couturier in 1951, which represented a revolution to the corseted silhouette of the time.

This Evening Dress made in Paris for the 1952 spring collection. This dress has marvellous shapes and details from his 1951 autumn collection.

Cocktail Dress. 

This Dress presented For 1955 Winter Collection.

This Cocktai dress made in 1955. For this Dress Balenciaga first time used Tunic.

Cocktai Dress for 1956 winter.

Sweater and Skirt.

Black Dress.


Wedding Dress.

Cocktail Dress.

In 1958, Balenciaga created the dress that would be called the “baby doll”. The “baby doll” dress is inspired by children’s clothing.

This Evening Dress was designed by Balenciaga in Paris for the 1959 winter collection. 

Wedding Dress.

Cocktail Dress.

 Suit and Cape. This outfit made in Paris for the 1962 winter.

 Cocktail Dress for the 1962 winter collection.

 Day Cap for the 1963 winter collection.


 Evening Dress.

 Cocktail dress. "Baby Doll"

 Look For the Evening.

 Evening Dress.

 Made in the workshop of Roger Jean-Pierre, one of the jewellers most closely associated with Balenciaga. Photographed by Hiro for Harper’s Bazaar in September 1967 and worn by the model Marisa Berenson. 

 Tailored suit in two-tone Donegal wool tweed.

Wedding Dress

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