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Parka Must Have Detail For Spring 2012 Wardrobe

Red Valentino 810.36   

          If you want to make your day look mix in sport luxe and if the weather is not good and outside is raining and you are fashionist its for you. I think Parka it's good idea for SS 2012. Because it's street style trend from Paris Fashion Week and also with Parka ideas presented Burberry for SS.
          I collected collections and share with you can choose something like it and make trendy look For Day.

                                                           Burberry Prorsum 3795€    

                                                          Burberry Prorsum 2995€

Burberry Prorsum 1885€  

 Burberry Brit 489.85€   
   Marc Jacobs 1570€     

10 Things You Should Know About This Garment Icon!!!

            1) Sources: Its origins can be traced back to prehistoric times, specifically in the Inuit peoples of the Arctic Circle. Made of fur polar bear, fox and seal, were worn one over the other, to protect themselves from the impending cold.

           2) Terminology: The word 'parka', literally means 'animal skin' and is derived from the language spoken in the Nenets region in northern Russia, where the weather is particularly cold and wet.

           4) the parka and Mod : Become Chief of the current youth icon Mod (from "modernism", referring to fans of modern jazz) that developed in London in the late '50s degl'anni. Mod of the parka, were those of American soldiers in World War II, where the only color was green. Enhanced by pins, patches and drawings, was long, bolted, with the dovetail and the cap.

           5) The parka and grunge icon be the head of a youth care and elitist, in the early 90's parka goes to enrich a new mood style: grunge. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, wearing parkas to accentuate a rebellious look consists of jeans and shirts worn in Canada. Today, even Liam Gallagher of Oasis seems to have succumbed to its charm.

           6) The spotlight's parka: In 2003, supermodel and trendsetter, Kate Moss, who brings with him many of the elements of grunge, was photographed with the parka jacket on the back of which is painted in white on the title of a famous song Sex Pistols "God Save The Queen". In 2008 he was photographed for the cover of Vogue UK with the hood of his parka over his head supported. Even today, immortalized in street style shots of the famous top model matches it to a variety of looks. After Kate Moss, stars like Sienna Miller, Pixie Lott, Stella McCartney, Taylor Momsen, and Agyness Deyn, wore the parka over a mini-dresses, with accessories gothic, with fur collars, suspenders and lingerie with below.
            7) First input the parka on the catwalk: The first to wear the parka on the catwalk were: Burberry London, Fay and Acquascutum. Brands that have a long tradition in this specific sector and who have become inspired by the classic English raincoat, elaborated on their idea. The first created a majestic giant parka lined sheepskin, both inside and on the neck, the latter have been working on minimal lines and enriched the shoulders with a cape.

             8) Anatomy of the parka : Basic parka is a sport coat with detachable hood and lining. Along until the knee, is closed by a drawstring, front zip and button features. Its length standard has remained at about mid-thigh, while the palette of colors compared to the beginning of military green, was enriched in shades of mud, the earth, but also of the navy blue crayon and white for the hottest season . Widely used with steel wire fabrics, flannel parka coated for packaging (nylon, polyester, wool, linen) and can be finished fur, shearling and accessories such as buttons gilt-edged, drawstring and zip prominently . Generally, the parka stands for the multitasking feature of the head, and being a mix & match of outerwear as usual, brings together functionality, comfort and style.

            9) declinations of the parka: Today, the parka, bought contemporary allure through a mix of sportchic, sportswear and urbansport. Woolrich has been one of the first brands to reinterpret the parka jacket version (Arctic parka parka Mountain) on the working length, on-line tailoring and Gore-Tex linings for breathability.
           10) Parka hi-tech: The parka is the latest generation technology, created by D & K Distribution SpA, which is charging and charging you with a revolutionary thermal system that generates heat. Three heating surface placed on the lumbar spine and the cervical area, give off heat through a remote control to keep in your pocket connected to the central spine of the jacket. You can reach maximum temperatures of 36/38 ° C.

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